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Writers’ workshops and Speaking Topics

Writers’ Workshops

Looking for an experienced instructor at your writers’ conference? Someone who has “been there, done that”; who can answer your conferees’ questions using humor and years of experience? Below is a list of the classes I have taught. I am also available to teach one- and two-day conferences at your church. All I need is a registrar and facility. E-mail today for more information.

 * Writing Your Life Story - articles and books

 * Writing for Children – picture books, chapter books

* Playing the “What If” Game—writing short stories
    Choosing a title
    When to use a pen name

* The Truth & Nothing but the Truth—writing nonfiction
     Books and articles
     Things you're skilled in (how do you do it?)
     Things you're interested in
     Things that upset you
     Using quotations; getting permissions
     Using Scripture in your writing

 * Writing Life-Changing Devotionals
     Differences between devotionals and fillers (format, length)
     How to get an assignment
     Devotional books; books of devotions (difference)

 * How to Sell What You Write
     Marketing books and magazines
     Periodical analysis sheet
     Record keeping
     Query letter
     Book proposal

 * Capturing Those Elusive Ideas
     Newspapers and Magazines
     Children's Activities
     Children's quotations
     Everyday events
     God's mysterious ways
     The Bible
     An Event from the Past

* 10 Hints on Conducting an Effective Interview
      Call for an appointment
      Give reason for the interview
      Call ahead to confirm appointment
      Do your homework ahead of time
      Take time to get acquainted
      Using a tape recorder
      After the interview

 * 10 Hints on Writing and Selling Your First Book
      Outlining your book
      Contacting a publisher
          sample chapter-by-chapter synopsis
          sample query letter
          book proposal

 * What Field of Writing Are You Best Suited For? (hints on each one)
        Newspaper (columns, feature, stringer, book reviews, letters to editor)
        Personal Experience

* Getting Away from the “Moon/June Syndrome”—writing poetry
        Different types
        Why poems don’t sell

* Separating the Garbage from the Gold - editing hints

Speaking Topics

If you’re looking for a speaker for a banquet, luncheon, or retreat, I can speak on one of the topics below, or on one of your choosing.

* The Freedom of Letting Go
      Letting Go of Grief
      Letting Go of Failures—Your Own and Other People’s
      Letting Go of Possessions
      Letting Go of Hurts
      Letting Go of Your Children
      Letting Go of Health Issues
      Letting Go of Your Youth
      Letting Go of Guilt
      Letting Go of Control
      The Land Beyond Letting Go

* Your Four Selves
      The Self You Think You Are
      The Self Others Think You Are
      The Self You Really Are
      The Self You Can Be with God’s Help

* The Ministry of Writing (for writers, or adapted for non-writers)
      Personal Experiences
      Family Histories

* Take Your Dreams Off the Shelf
      Reaching Your Goals

* Writing Your Personal Experiences (for writers, or adapted for non-writers)

“Donna’s talk to our ladies luncheon on “The Freedom of Letting Go” was laced with humor and poignant stories. She had us laughing and crying in turns. Several mentioned afterwards that she said just the thing they needed to hear that day. God moved through her words.” (Linda McQuinn Carlblom, author and speaker)


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