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Rhyme-Time Bible Stories for Little Ones
15 Bible stories in poetry that your little one will enjoy hearing read time after time after time. 

$14.99, plus $3.22 S&H.

105 pages of clean jokes! Perfect for enjoying on your own, sharing with friends, or punctuating your sermon or speech, these short jokes and quips are organized by such topics as marriage, sports, Sunday school, and work. (May order up to 4 books for same s&h.)

$4.99 (Plus $2.32 s&h)





A Step in the Write Direction
You have the desire to write, but don’t know where to begin? Where do you get ideas? What field of writing are you best suited for? How do you sell what you write? You’ve written and published, but now you wonder if you need an agent? How do you show your income and expenses on your tax forms? A Step in the Write Direction answers all these questions, and more. This indispensable 365-page guide to writing and marketing your work will help you build the skills you need to launch and build a successful writing career.

ADDED BENEFIT: This book has now been combined with the Student Edition and includes writing assignments throughout. Excellent for writers' groups and home-schooled students. E-book available soon.

What others are saying about A Step in the Write Direction . . .

“As a writer myself, I wish I had had a book like A Step in the Write Direction to provide the answers. This book not only gives practical advice but encouragement for both the beginning writer and one who has been in the field for years. You’ll want to keep it handy as you’ll be going back to its pages every time you have a question.”

A Step in the Write Direction by Donna Clark Goodrich

— Dave Clark; songwriter/creative director Lillenas Publishing Company; Winner of the 2009 ASCAP Living Legend Award, and writer of 25 songs that have gone to #1 on the charts

“One of the things I especially appreciate about the ‘family’ of Christian authors is the hand up they give to other writers. Donna Clark Goodrich is a prime example. I’ve known Donna for many years and have watched her generously share her expertise with others. "I highly recommend A Step in the Write Direction."

— Marlene Bagnull, Litt.D.; Director, Colorado & Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers  Conference; author of Write His Answer—A Bible Study for Christian Writers.

Price $19.95, plus $3.22 s&h

Available May 1, 2012:
The Freedom of Letting Go

Contains hints on:

  1.   Letting Go of Grief
  2.   Letting Go of Failures — Your Own and Other People’s
  3.   Letting Go of Your Successes
  4.   Letting Go of Possessions
  5.   Letting Go of the Hurts in Your Life
  6.   Letting Go of Your Children
  7.   Letting Go of Health Issues

Updated edition includes discussion question at the end of each chapter. Great for one-on-one study or for small groups.
    8.   Letting Go of Your Youth
    9.   Letting Go of Guilt
  10.   Letting Go of Control
  11.   Letting Go of Worry
  12.   Letting Go of Doubt
  13.   Letting Go of Fear
          The Land Beyond Letting Go


Price $15.00, plus $3 s&h Kindle Edition coming in May


Healing in God's Time
Future award-winning gospel music songwriter Dave Clark awoke one morning with what he thought was a sore throat. Little did he or his family suspect that it was the beginning of a 19-year battle with a painful disease known as apthous stomatitis, a condition that 29 doctors at the famed Mayo Clinic could not find a cure for. 

But they didn’t know Dave’s God. Nor did they know Dave’s dream and his calling to be a gospel songwriter. Leaving his Michigan home at the age of 17, he made his way alone to Nashville, Tennessee, where he found a job assembling bicycles, while pitching his songs to publishers. Becoming acquainted with Brian Speer of the well-known Speer Family led to a rewarding and enjoyable five years with the singing group. That didn’t satisfy the longing of Dave’s heart to be a songwriter, however. So, even though his disease was at its most painful point, he resigned and set out on his own. Through the years, he earned a reputation as a special songwriter with 25 of his songs hitting #1 on the Christian music charts. Dave’s family worried for his very life. However, God worked through a multitude of circumstances, and healing finally came in a miraculous way.

Healing In God's Time by Donna Clark Goodrich


Read Healing in God's Time, a wonderful story about God’s faithfulness that keeps Dave disease free today, enabling him to write music to help others who are hurting—songs such as “Crucified With Christ,” “Mercy Came Running,” and “One True God.” His songs have been recorded by well-known artists in the Christian music industry including Sandi Patty; Larnelle Harris; Point of Grace; Phillips, Craig & Dean; 4Him; and Mark Harris.

Price  $15, includes s&h



Preparing Your Heart for Christmas
31 devotionals to help you celebrate the Christmas season.

Price $10, plus $2 s&h



100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers
Before you begin to write your article or speech, take a moment for meditation. Where do others get their inspiration? How do they determine priorities? How do they overcome the desire to sharpen pencils or chat with friends when they should be punching the keyboard?

100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers—compiled by Donna Clark Goodrich, Jan Potter, and Mary Lou Klingler—is a book of scriptural encouragement for the Christian writer, speaker, pastor, teacher, or anyone who prepares messages for others.

Following each devotional, we’ve included the start of a prayer to help you reflect on what you’ve read. Writing your thoughts in the space provided will greatly enhance the benefit you receive from this book.

Contributors include: Marlene Bagnull, Alan Cliburn, Elaine Wright Colvin, Dina Donohue, Jeannette Clift George, Dennis Hensley, Mona Gansberg Hodgson, Bob Hostetler, Steven R. Laube, Florence Littauer, Janette Oke, Harold Ivan Smith, Sally Stuart, Susan Titus Osborn, and Sherwood Wirt.

Price  $10, plus $2 s&h

100 Plus Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers by Donna Clark Goodrich




How to Organize and Lead a Christian Writers’ Club ...Critique Group...Conference
Dear Christian Writers’ Club Leader: Your task is a rewarding one, bringing writers together from your area and leading them in ways to be more effective writers for the Lord and to share His message. Your task is also a challenging one as you look for ways to:

* bring in more members
* locate a meeting place
* determine what dues to charge--if any
* find new activities for your meetings
* deal with problem members
* know what officers to elect
* develop stronger critiquing techniques
* offer a newsletter
* plan a writers conference, and so on.

"How to Organize and Lead a Christian Writers’ Club ...Critique Group...Conference" is just the book you need. This 76-page book is tripled in size from the original booklet and includes updated resources. An offering at your next meeting will give you the funds, and the members will reap the rewards by having a stronger, more fruitful club in the days to come.

Price  $15, plus $2.50 s&h.



These books can be ordered with your credit card through my secure PayPal system, or by sending a check to: Donna Goodrich, 701 South Dobson Road, #350, Mesa, AZ 85202

Books Donna has written include:

  • Through the Bible Puzzles (Standard Publishing)
  • Brighten the Corner (Standard Publishing), woman’s devotional book
  • Dare to Be Different (Standard Publishing), junior devotional book
  • Help Me, Jesus (contributor, Standard Publishing), teen devotional book
  • Winning Souls Through the Sunday School (Beacon Hill Press) for Sunday school teachers
  • Early Church Leaders (Alpha-Omega), 8th, grade textbook
  • I, II, III Peter (Alpha-Omega), 12th grade textbook
  • How to Set Up & Run a Typing Service (John Wiley & Sons)
  • How to Set Up & Run a Tax Preparation Service (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Teacher Tune-Ups (Gospel Publishing), Sunday school teachers’ devotional book
  • Motivational Moments—compiled and edited by Donna Goodrich, Jan Potter, and Mary Lou Klingler (Joy Publishing)
  • Hymn Lovers Favorite (Warner Press), perpetual calendar with hymns and Scripture
  • The Other Side of Broken (Callendar Lane), biography of Dave Clark, gospel songwriter
  • Michigan Cookbook (Golden West Publishers)
  • Ohio Cookbook (Golden West Publishers)
  • Healing in God’s Time, update of The Other Side of Broken, Believe Books, 1/09
  • How to Organize & Lead a Christian Writers’ Club…Critique Group …Conference (self-published)
  • A Step in the Write Direction—the Complete How-to Guide for Christian Writers (UpWrite Publishers)
  • A Step in the Write Direction--Student Edition (UpWrite Publishers)
  • Celebrating Christmas with...Memories, Poetry, and Good Food anthology (editor), Hidden Book Press
  • The Freedom of Letting Go, Comfort Publishing
  • Grandmothers, Mothers, and Me: Stories, Poetry, and Recipes
  • Preparing Your Heart for Christmas--Advent Devotions


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